• Doktor Snake's "Dokology" coaching teaches you how to take the helm of your mental ship.
  • This will help you deal far better with situations and issues that arise in life.
  • No longer will you be blown hither and thither by the fickle winds of fate (nor by unbridled emotional states).
  • Instead, you will learn to take control of your life and guide it where you want it to go.

Listen to how Dokology helped Dark Angel escape a 30-year abusive marriage.

“Most self-improvement programs are so up-in-the-air, they’re hard to apply to real life. With Dok and DA, everything they give you is so practical and can be used in your daily life, and business life. It’s hands-on wisdom you can apply. It really makes a difference. My life has been transformed; I can’t thank them enough.” Anon, California, USA, corporate manager.

“After being on the phone with Dok for 30 minutes, I felt so relaxed and at ease. I don’t know how he did it. I was in a bad way at the time. He made everything seem like it could be solved. And he gave me the tools to get over all my issues.” Marion, Long Island, NY, USA.

“I’ll be honest with you, I was freaking out, big time, while on a sales trip. I was holed up in a hotel. And I though, you know what, I’m gonna call Dok and have one of his sessions. At the end, I said to him, how’d you do that Dok… everything feels okay now. After that I signed up for the whole package.” Justin, Austin, TX, USA.

“I was on medication. I believed I had mental issues. Depression, anxiety, lethargy, emotional roller coaster. Dok showed me these issues could be worked on and I could be in control of my life. He gave me the tools and ran me through how to get rid of bad memories, how to be motivated, and how to deal with my anxiety and depression. I’m no longer on medication. It’s like Dok woke me up to reality and it’s so much better than before. I feel good and am able deal with things in my life so much better. Patricia, London, England.

With Dokology, you will learn how to:

  • Take the helm of your mental ship and steer your life to the destination you set – nobody else.
  • Kickstart your finances and hit the road to wealth and success.
  • Calm the raging seas of unbridled thoughts and emotions so you’re cool, calm and collected – no matter what life throws at you, or what fool is screaming at you.
  • Manifest money and thrive in a tanking economy.
  • Beat the system and say goodbye to daily struggle.
  • Gain an honest picture of your own motivations so you work directly with reality, and no longer kid yourself.
  • Become a Sovereign Individual and wrestle fickle fate into submission.
  • Learn to stop self-talk (which typically controls us, instead of us controlling it).
  • Use mind power, visualization, and affirmations to bring abundance into your life.
  • Adopt “conscious awareness”, which is the ability to observe yourself in action, to see your thoughts and emotions, and how they affect you (from there stop them affecting you).
  • Deal with whatever’s going on and get the upper-hand, and take the higher ground.
  • And lots more…

How it works

Dokology courses last one year. They consist of a 45-minute call once a month (over the year). Dokology is a form of life coaching where I teach you how to gain control of your life and direct it the way you want it to go. Often you’ll lay down the things you want to improve or change in your life, and I’ll school you on how to make it happen.

You can also book one-off sessions as and when you need them. But it’s recommended you do the one-year course first, that way you have all the tools you need at your disposal… and any one-off sessions are more suitable as a “top up.”


The best voice quality on cellphones is via Telegram Messenger (plus Telegram is very secure and private). if you're fine with that for your Dokology session(s), then do the following:

12 Sessions, one each month.
Cost: $2,700. 

After you order you’ll be sent a questionnaire to fill out your details and to outline what you specifically wish to deal with. From there we'll set up a schedule for your Dokology sessions.

Sort out an issue or situation
Cost: $250. 

After you order you’ll be sent a questionnaire to fill out your details and to outline what you specifically wish to deal with. From there we'll set up a date and time for your Dokology session.